Review extracts :-

“This is , I believe , a very important addition to the Bartok discography ……..
….. . It lays fair claim to be the most authentic summation of the composer’s intentions .

…….has a definite authentic ring and recognisable Bartokian flavour . It is essential listening for all enthusiasts .

Erdelyi the soloist is quite excellent ; passionate , committed , and Hungarian through and through in his understanding and advocacy of this fascinating score . The NZSO under Marc Taddei offer stylish support , and the recording per se is superb , the dark , burnished quality ideally suited to the music . And what music ! Listen to the glorious outpouring of the lento , and the virtuosic dance that is the finale , and resist if you can .

……a very warm romantic and highly competitive account of Berlioz’ Harold in Italy .
It is hugely enjoyable in its own right ……

David Thompson , Music & Vision , December 2002

“Erdelyi’s performance of the Viola Concerto with the NZSO conducted by the amazingly versatile Marc Taddei is genuinely historic . Now with the pieces of the
puzzle juggled round , and with the new lucidity of the scoring , the whole arrangement
makes sense . The cd booklet is particularly informative about the tortured history of 
the work .”

Rod Biss , Sunday Star-Times , Auckland 8th December 2002

“Csaba Erdelyi’s labor of love , reconstructing Bela Bartok’s unfinished Viola Concerto ,
comes to fruition on this excellent recording .

The result is a marvellous rendition , beautifully performed evoking the Hungarian folk
melodies , rhythms and moods that permeate the best of Bartok’s other works . ”

Elisa M .Welch , Strings Magazine - Issue 107 Preview 

“Erdelyi brings a wonderfully fresh perspective to this well-known piece ”

Elisa M.Welch , re Berlioz’ Harold en Italie in the same preview for Strings 

“Here’s something irresistible to collectors”

Sequenza 21 Editor’s picks for November 2002

“It has paid off in ways that certainly exceed my expectations . For the first time , I feel
like Bartok’s in the room …….. Erdelyi’s realization fits my image of Bartok’s music more snugly than Serly’s . ………… One also gets the sense of an unflinching gaze upon the argument at hand , a relentless , inexorable movement from here to there …….

This recording replaces my previous two best recordings – Daniel Benyamini and Barenboim , and YoYo Ma (on something called the alto violin , a “vertical viola” )
with Zinman . Erdelyi , a virtuoso certainly up to the technical demands of the piece ,
and he plays with intensity and fire ………. Taddei’s New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
has the piece down , with attacks crisp as fresh lettuce . Soloist and orchestra achieve
wonderful clarity and fine ensemble .

……… the CD is essential for Bartok fans .

Steve Schwartz , Classical.Net , November 2002

Dominion Post 27th September 2002 - Wellington, New Zealand.

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