....I should like to thank you for your live solo performance of Bartok's Viola Concerto with the Budapest Philharmonic....From my own research into Bartok's compositional process, I find your suggested solutions to the many problems remarkably convincing.

It is your rare combination of artistic and musicological abilities that is so essential for arriving at a definitive edition of this enigmatic score.

With warmest wishes, cordially

Elliott Antokoletz

Author of 'Music of Bela Bartok'.

I want to thank you and congratulate you in the same breath for the valuable services you have performed in restoring the Bartok Viola Concerto. Dozens of questions I have had have been clarified. I can now look forward to studying the work as if for the first time. Let me add an additional 'bravo' for your wonderful performance, which offers living proof of the validity of your restoration.

With my warmest regards

Michael Tree

Violinist Guarneri Quartet

Your Bartok Concerto is superb and I love it. I like it better than the existing version. It seems much more authentic and truer to Bartok's intentions. I plan on learning your version. Congratulations!!!

All my best - your dear friend.

Emmanuel Vardi

Viola virtuoso who knew Bartok, and was a close friend of Tibor Serly, who dedicated his viola compositions to him.

...I must confess that I always felt rather uncomfortable, even somewhat embarrassed, when students of mine were studying it (the Serly version) too many times things seemed to me just not being 'right' rendered invaluable service to Bartok and to all violists!...

...I am very much impressed how truly in his spirit and style you realise, all that death prevented him notating unmistakenly.  Thanks again, I am with highest regards.

Eugene Lehner

Violist Kolisch Quartet, and friend of Bartok.

And an observation on the 2001 version:

...As a musician and a lover of music, I find the chance to hear, and see, the many differences between the various versions of Bartok's un-completed Viola Concerto endlessly fascinating.  Csaba Erdelyi's version comes from the perspective of a performer.  In his case, a virtuoso who brings, as well, an intellectual rigour and scholarship to add to his deep understanding of the viola.  As a consequence, Bartok's score comes alive in a believable, and an utterly authentic and musical, manner.  It is transparent, yet possesses a warm human quality that both suits the nature of the viola, and the incomparable spirit of Bartok...

Marc Taddei

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